Our Students Project

We are proud of the students who have shown dedication, perseverance, and resilience in their pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. They have demonstrated their commitment to excellence by overcoming challenges, embracing diversity, and contributing positively to their communities. These students are future directors, producers, and filmmakers, and I do not doubt they will positively impact the filming industry.

Cuba Lagi
Hari Raya Festival
It's about a awareness about autism and show what is autism parents going through daily life.
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The Herbalist
Semester 1 Project by Umar
Embark on an eternal journey through the boundless love of a daughter. Experience the depth of emotion in our...
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Student Project Makan 2 Malaysia
Semester 2 Projects
This is a project that did by a semester 2 students. It's his final project that will be presenting to the rea...
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The Mother's Legacy
Chinese New Year Festival
There are moments when we deeply long for our loved ones, especially those who have departed. Nevertheless, th...
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MIXUE Commercial by FAA
Student Group Project Semester 2, 2023
It's a collaborative student project slated for the Semester 2 final examination.
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It narrates the journey of a Filming Art Academy student as he embarks on his exploration into the world of fi...
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Personal Branding Video
Semester 1 Project by Hutha
Through a dynamic blend of storytelling and introspection, Hutha takes you behind the scenes of their quest to...
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