Advanced Diploma (Full Course) RM60,000

The diploma course is an 24 months programme where you will be graduate in Advanced Diploma in Filmmaking & Commercial Production. Filming Art Academy Advanced Diploma content 80% practical modules and 20% theory.

Introduction to Filmmaking

Overview of the Filmmaking process | Elements of story telling and scriptwriting

Sound Design & Editing

Sound recording & mixing | Non-linear editing techniques | Color grading & visual effects

Commercial Production

Marketing & branding modules | Commercial scriptwriting and storyboarding | Budgeting and financing commercial projects

Advanced Filmmaking Techniques

Cinematography and camera movement | Directing actors and working with crews | Advanced post-production techniques

Portfolio Development

Conceptualization and pre-production planning | Execution and post-production editing | Presentation and critique of final projects

24 Months Duration | Jan, May & Sept 2024 | Total Credits: 90 Credits

After completing the Advanced Diploma, you may study in the UK with one of our associates’ universities, the University of South Wales, for a Degree.

Career Opportunity

Art Director | Assistant Producer | Director | Director of Photography | Cinematographer | Camera Operator | Feature Film & Television Writer | Lighting Designer | Post-Production Editor | Producer | Script Writer

Interested In The Course

The filming and commercial production industry is booming now as most of the SME companies need a commercial production. Because of the internet and social media technologies, it make commercial airtime are affordable to many SME. So, what are you waiting for, JOIN US NOW!

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