Advanced Diploma (Full Course) RM60,000

The diploma course is an 24 months programme where you will be graduate in Advanced Diploma in Filmmaking & Commercial Produciton. Filming Art Academy Advanced Diploma content 80% practical modules and 20% theory.

Sound Design & Editing

Sound recording & mixing | Non-linear editing techniques | Color grading & visual effects

Commercial Production

Marketing & branding modules | Commercial scriptwriting and storyboarding | Budgeting and financing commercial projects

Portfolio Development

Conceptualization and pre-production planning | Execution and post-production editing | Presentation and critique of final projects

24 Months Duration | Jan, May & Sept 2024 | Total Credits: 90 Credits

After completing the Advanced Diploma, you may study in the UK with one of our associates’ universities, the University of South Wales, for a Degree.

Career Opportunity

Art Director | Assistant Producer | Director | Director of Photography | Cinematographer | Camera Operator | Feature Film & Television Writer | Lighting Designer | Post-Production Editor | Producer | Script Writer

Content Creator & Cinematography Course

Throughout the course, you will have access to experience instructors, state of the art equipment, and supportive learning environment that encourage experimentation and growth. Upon completion, you will not only possess the technical skills but also the creative vision required in excel in the dynamic field of content creation and cinematography.

Theory and Fundamentals

In the section, you will lay the foundation for your journey into the world of content creation and cinematography.

Practical Application & Skill Refinement

During this phase of the course, you will put your theoretical knowledge into practice. You'll actively engage in real-world scenarios, working on various production projects.

Internship & Portfolio Development

In the final of the course, you will enter an internship phase where you will have the opportunity to consolidate your skills and create unique content.

11 Months Duration

‎ After completion, you will be awarded a SKM Level 3 in Video - Filem Penyuntingan

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The filming and commercial production industry is booming now as most of the SME companies need a commercial production. Because of the internet and social media technologies, it make commercial airtime are affordable to many SME. So, what are you waiting for, JOIN US NOW!

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