27th Of March 2023: Yongzhong's (Yong Peng High school) "Film Class 101"

Film Classes 101

On the 25th of March 2023, Filming Art Academy Founder Kang Yiewin and Filming Art Academy Director and Instructor Kang Yiew Boon provided on-site guidance for Yongzhong's (Yong Peng High school) "Film Class," a 11-month professional film practical teaching course.

After completing relevant training, the three responsible teachers at Yong Peng high school served as course assistants to help and guide the students. The first class covered an introduction to composition and basic operations related to mobile phone photography, accessories, and equipment, terms of expertise, appreciation, and analysis, shooting techniques, and notes. In the second class, students personally conceived the script according to the school motto "Cheng Yi (meaning Integrity)," and then shot and edited their short films on the spot. After completing the production of their first short film, instructor Kang Yiew Boon provided comments and analysis. 

We believe that students will gain more expertise in photography and film production under the guidance of their instructors in the next course. Let's look forward to the film work of the film class! 

By Danny Wong, Head of the Academy