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After graduating from Film & Animation course in 2003, Yiewin Kang won several international awards in Wedding Film contests & Short Film contests. One of the market's most influential Short Film & Wedding directors has brought over hundreds of workshop students. “We care, we share”, Yiewin Kang has been conducting several cinematography workshops in Malaysia, Singapore & China since 2012.

The Class Academy was founded in 2015 responsible to find out more talents. In December 2015, Again Yiewin made his first 4K wedding video, becoming the pioneer of making 4K Wedding cinematography in the Market. In 2017, Yiewin Kang signed as the first Zeiss local ambassador. In the 2nd year, he conducts the workshop with SONY & PPAC in Hong Kong with 40 participants and Zeiss in KL with 22 participants.

Zeiss Ambassador
WPPI Filming Making Gold Distintion Award
ASIAWPA Film Making Gold Distintion Award
BMW Shorties Top 10 Finalise
Global Chinese Short Film Award (Grand Prize)

South East Asia Number 1 choice for Filming Academy


Story Behind Filming Art

Filming Art Academy is a filmmaking academy co-partner with Canon Malaysia. Founder Yiewin Kang has been providing training in the film industry all around the world since 2010. The course is co–written by internationally experienced film and television industry instructors. It consists of many patricidal skills, creative mindsets, and the art of storytelling, all made simple yet effective for students to begin and turn into professionals to ensure they are ready to take on clients right after graduation.

Filming Art Academy is focused on 80% practical training & 20% theory training, and you will be trained by the founder itself that have 20 years of experience in the filming industry. By the time you graduate, you will be like holding a few years of working experience.

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